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The budget way of measuring ...

No more battle of the tape measures just use the FG150 DRO the perfect Length stop system for any saw-,  drilling-, shearing- or punching machine in your workshop.  

The positioner slides over a linear guide and manually clamped on position. Tape scale with reader-head and a clear Digital ReadOut is used for accurate position.

FizGig include standard fasteners so you can easily add your own grippers or face plates for your application.

The FG 150 DRO can be fitted to FizGig’s  FGR300 roller table or to customers roller table  (30-40 mm mounting surface is required)

  • Working lengths : 2-6 meter,
  • Overall length is 0,5 meter longer than working length.
  • Repeatability: +/- 0.2mm