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FizGig developed a Rack and Pinion Motorized System range for the metal industry. The FG 500 is used for machines with a roller table / cutting capacity up to 500mm and easily installs on: Cold saws, horizontal bandsaws, drilling, iron workers, shears or custom machines.

The positioner is driven by servo technology and runs over linear guide, mounted on a steel base which can be fitted to FizGig’s  FGR 500 roller table. Customers roller table  requires 50-60 mm mounting surface.

FizGig include standard fasteners so you can easily add your own grippers or face plates for your application.

Use it your way! As a stopper or as a pusher…

The FG 500 automatic back stop system or connected as a push feed system (delivering finished lengths or punched material on the outfeed side of your machine when connected) is very simple to use, has less setup time and better accuracy every time.

When connected to the machine Second zero point and Retrack (the positioned moves away from material when it’s clamped into the saw to prevent jamming of the blade) can be used.

•The FG 500 ensures a speed up to 40 meter per minute.

•Working lengths : 2 - 12 meter.

•Overall length is 0,8 meter longer than working length.

•Repeatability: +/- 0.2 mm.


  • Gangstop manual flip away
  • Gangstop electrical flip away 

  • Interconnect kit for full-auto operation
  • Mechanical gripper
  • Pneumatic gripper
  • Hydraulic gripper

  • Roller table FGR 500