Creative solutions for higher productivity



Today's high requirements concerning productivity, quality and production speeds lead to an increasing demand for automation systems.

FizGig designs have a clear signature, easy to use, excellent performance and affordable. Everything we do is designed around your machine, every innovation we make is designed for you to simplify and improve your production.

FG150 Measuring system

The budget way of measuring ... Manually system.

FG300 measuring system

Motorized LT system up to 300 mm material.

FG500 measuring system

Motorized HD system up to 500 mm material.


FG X-Y CNC Positioning System

X-Y coordinate punch positioning table very easy to operate.

FG CNC Contact Length Stop

Length stop system for shearing your work pieces on a steelworker.

FG Workshop Press HSP50

Workshop Press ideal for Broaching. 

FG Numbering Unit

Numbering machine is specially designed for numbering flat and angle materials.